Gender Violence Database

Summer workshop report, 2016

Ben Meiners and Sam Seekings

[Presentation slides in PDF]

The Gender Violence Database aims to develop a centralized and systematized online source for researchers, practitioners, and students studying and working in the field of gender-based violence. As of yet, while very few databases already exist, none are as comprehensive or up-to-date as the Gender Violence Database aims to be. In order to accomplish this, over the past few years, undergraduate and graduate students have 1) created a list of key issues in this multi-disciplinary field, 2) compiled a list of relevant journals and other sources, and 3) reviewed each article in those journals and tagged each appropriately for inclusion in the database. Sam Seekings and Ben Meiners continued this work, adding nearly 700 articles to the database, tagging them as they went. In the summer of 2016, Sam and Ben reviewed and tagged articles in important journals in the field: Violence and Victims (Sam), Journal of Interpersonal Violence (Ben), and recent issues of Violence Against Women (both). In order to do this, they used Zotero, an online bibliographical tool that allowed them to upload articles into the database and tag each with the appropriate categories. Throughout the summer, Sam and Ben not only learned how to use the necessary technologies for this project; they also learned, by thoroughly reviewing these articles over the course of the summer, a great deal about the already robust and still emerging interdisciplinary field of gender violence.