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    Studiolab Open House
    Lewis Collaborative, 725 Kingsland Blvd. (shuttle & parking available)

    Tracking Proust's Geography: What We Know about Places In Search of Lost Time

    Melanie Conroy is an Associate Professor of French at the University of Memphis.
    Wilson 214

    Missouri Historical Review Author Series: Kelly Schmidt on Slavery and the Catholic Church in Missouri

    Join historian Kelly Schmidt for a discussion of her research on people enslaved by the early Catholic Church in Missouri and the communities they formed to help each other through their hardships, challenge the terms of their bondage, and ultimately seek their freedom. A postdoctoral research associate for the Washington University and Slavery Project, Schmidt is the author of the April 2022 Missouri Historical Review article “Slavery and the Shaping of Catholic Missouri, 1810–1850.”

    Department of Music Lecture: Michael Scott Asato Cuthbert

    “The Future Drags Us Backwards: The Dangers of Canonization in Computational Music Studies”
    Music Classroom Building, Room 102