HDW Summer Workshop final presentations

On Wednesday, July 20, 2016, fellows in the HDW summer workshop reported on their past eight weeks of work. Each of nine project teams had seven minutes to present highlights. Projects are listed below, with links to abstracts and slides where available:

Creating a Federal Government (Professor Peter Kastor)
Chisara Achilefu, Luca Foti

James Merrill Digital Archive (Professor Joseph Loewenstein)
Adam Becker, Joshua Brorby, Daria Carson-Dussan

Spenser Project Archive (Professor Joseph Loewenstein)
Catherine Thoms, John R. Ladd, Dan Normandin, Keegan Hughes

Gender Violence Database (Professor Jami Ake)
Samuel Seekings, Benjamin Meiners

Early Print Genre Classification Project (Professor Anupam Basu)
Seth Blum, John R. Ladd, Cindy Traub

Dada Networks (Professor Kurt Beals)
Melanie Walsh

West River Project (Professor Steven Miles)
Syrus Jin, Yihan (Lulu) Wang

Jane Eyre and translation (Professor Lynne Tatlock)
Tomaz (Tomek) Cebrat, Bethany Morgan, Kris Helbling

Muncie Library readers (Professors Matt Erlin and Lynne Tatlock)
Kaitlin Cruz, Tomasz (Tomek) Cebrat, Bethany Morgan, Kris Helbling

Thanks to Olin Library's special collections and scholarly publishing staff, especially Joel Minor and Shannon Davis as partners in the Merrill Project.

Thanks to Arts and Sciences, the Graduate School, Arts and Sciences Computing, and Olin Library for indispensable support.